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Privacy Policy

The following text gives an overview of Privacy Policy that we, the Extracoolservice, abide by while collecting and using users’ data. Every user or website visitor, who accesses the website www.Extracoolservice.com for the purpose of AC repairing services, is also expected to be in agreement with the following norms of the Privacy Policy. Users showing disagreement with the said norms are denied access to the website and services catered to them through the web-based AC support platform.

Why We Collect Users’ Data

The purpose of collecting users’ data is meant for the procurement of our services that are catered to customers through www.Extracoolservice.com. Marketing, advertising, SPAM protection behavioral targeting are some essential business processes that we collect users’ data for.
Hosting and backend infrastructure, session recording, traffic optimization and distribution, managing support and contact requests, registration and authentication, handling payments, and connecting to users are some other key business tasks in the course of the AC support process that we make use of users’ data for.

How We Collect Users’ Data

All sorts of personally identifiable data such as user name, phone/contact number, email ID, communication address, payment details, i.e., credit or debit card is collected on the website as provided. Whoever accesses the website www.Extracoolservice.com needs to register with us for the purpose of service request. You are also required to fill in online textboxes or forms with the necessary details of your identity and address so that we can use it to process your service request and to receive payment.


The website www.Extracoolservice.com uses Cookies for collecting users’ data. The data collected through Cookies is users’ online history, the webpages he visited the most on our website, his login time, and other sorts of online data. The data collected through Cookies gives us an insight into users’ preferences and it further assists us to customize our services in the line of users’ preferences.

Safety and Privacy of Users’ Data

We, being the owner of the website www.Extracoolservice.com, ensure the safety and privacy of users’ data that is shared with us on the Site. With the appropriate security measures, we guarantee the prevention of unauthorized access, collection, disclosure, modification, and destruction of users’ Data. The website has been integrated with the modern web-security algorithm that ensures the safety of not only the users’ data but also the payment paths that are processed on the website.

How Long We Retain Users’ Data

We reserve the right to collect, store and retain users’ data for the time it serves our means. Users’ personal data shall be retained for the time as long as it is required by the purpose it has been collected for. In case of a contract between Us- the Extracoolservice, and users, we keep the data in our possession till the time the contract expires. After the expiration of the contract, we make sure that the data that we have retailed for the time is deleted. We may be bound by legal implications to store and retain your data even for the longer period, i.e. when so is required by law or upon order of an authority.


We, being the owner of the website www.Extracoolservice.com, reserve the right to change or alter any or the whole part of the Privacy Policy. We make every possible effort to be compliant with the law with the service that we cater to customers through the Site. We regularly update the website with such Privacy Policy norms that are technically and legally feasible. We recommend users to keep checking the Privacy Policy page fortnightly or at least before accessing our services on the website to decide if you agree to the said Privacy Policy norms.